Eye Examination

Eye Diseases

Increasing Eye Diseases
Refractive Errors
  Myopia /
    Lazy Eye
  Radial Keratotomy
  Intra Corneal
  Phakic Implants
  Contact Lenses  
Retinal Detachment
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Central Serous Retinopathy ( CSR )
Diabetic Retinopathy
UV Rays & Eye Diseases
  Snow Blindness/
    Photo Keratitis
Macular Degeneration
Dry Eye Syndrome 
Computer Vision Syndrome
Retinal Holes/Tears
Corneal abrasions and erosions
Macular Pucker
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Warning Symptoms
Floaters and Flashes
Colored Rings / halos
White Reflex
Tearing From Eye


Eye Donation

Someone ………… somewhere ………… is waiting to see this beautiful world. Will be ever be able to see the colours of the flowers? …………… Know the shape of the mountains? Will you help? DONATE (YOUR) EYES ……………. Make someone’s world bright & colourful. I will....... Will YOU ????

Eye Banks in India

Eye bank is a place for storage of donated eyes. Do you know which Eye Bank is nearest to you? Check out......

Eye Transplant

Don’t lose heart if your eyesight is deteriorating. You can always continue to see this beautiful world ………… using someone else’s eyes. And this is no joke.  


Contact Lens

The most effective way to get rid of those unsightly glasses …………Look your own natural self & stay comfortable.

Choosing the right Lens or Frame for you

Type Of Spectacle Lenses
Choose the right Frame for you

Modern Treatment

Spectacles have become age old solution to eye problem & contact lens is passι. Do away completely with these external instruments. Enter the world of Modern (latest) treatment of your eyes.

Eye Structure

The front view of an eye gives a black little in a brown circle surrounded by white. Now let’s travel the depth of your eyes (depth of these circles).

Eye Personals

The different specialists who take care of your eye are – Optician, Ophthalmologist, Optometrist ………… Here they are!

Warning Symptoms

|| Headache | Floaters and Flashes | Colored Rings / halos | White Reflex||
|| Tearing From Eye ||

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    Varifocal lenses can be helpful to stabilise your visual acuity.
    You can visit www.glassesonspec.co.uk to look at a wide variety of glasses and
      contact lenses.

    Sauflon contact lenses from Lloyd Roberts Opticians.


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