Types of IOL

Rigid IOL

These lenses are made of PMMA and has been found suitable for use for more than 30 years. The disadvantage of the material is that the material is hard and so lens cannot be folded. Hence size of incision has to be larger about 6.5 mm.

Foldable IOLs

Multi Piece                                                                                     Single Piece

To get full advantage of Phacoemulsification we need FOLDABLE lenses which can be folded and inserted through a small incision.

These lenses are made of different material and so can be folded. The Surgery/Incision size can thus be reduced to about 2.8 mm.

These lenses are made of acrylic hydrophilic, Silicone and acrylic hydrophobic materials.

Blue light filter

Advantage of Blue light filter:- Human crystaline lens offers natural protection to the retina by filtering the Blue Light in aged persons. Removal of the cataractous lens may increase the risk of retinal damage and age related macular degeneration due to Blue Light exposure. This lens offers the protective effect from Blue Light.

          Light Wave Band                                                                       IOL with Chromophore

Aspheric design

These lenses give better contrast sensitivity and better image quality.
Multifocal IOL

All the above lenses are for distance viewing or near viewing depending on surgeons or patients choice. One has to use glasses for other time. Multifocal lenses are now used to overcome this problem. These lenses give more or less reasonable vision for distance and near work, but for very fine work one may still have to use glasses. However to get full advantage of these lenses both the eyes should be operated at very short interval.


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